Why do Indian women prefer black lingerie

Why do Indian women prefer black lingerie  ? Because Black is Beautiful & Sexy! it is also regarded as the most alluring and sexiest colour. Women are considered as more accomplis hed and confident when they wear black .Many women just wear for saducing ,because men like it and body look more sexy in black lingerie..


5 Reasons Black lingerie is worth wearing

1- It flatters every skin tone
2-They blend in with all dark color clothing
3- It always in style
4- It’s what “fashion girl” wear
5– Men like it 


#1 It flatters every skin tone


You can wear black lingerie with confidence regardless of your skin tone because black is simple basic colour that complement all complexion tones.


#2 They blend in with all dark color clothing


Women choose black bras over any other colour primarily because they go with everything in a dark color outfit.


#3 It always in style


Most of your fashion needs can be satisfied by a stylish black lingerie. Have a special occasion ? or a friend's wedding? Use black strapless bras with your eye-catching gowns and sleeveless dresses.


#4 It’s what “fashion girl” wear


Black color bras are super cute. Black Lingerie draws attention and romantic appeal. Black color also generate the feeling of love and romance. Wearing black lingerie shows that you love yourself


#5 Men Like it 


Men from the world over found women more sexy and desirable when the ladies were pictured wearing black lingerie than with other colors


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