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Meet our passionately pioneering team

Prisha Singh

Fit Expert

Hi, I’m Prisha. I’m from the Guwahati  and trained as a bra fitter whilst I was at university. I took a few years break to work in the ‘corporate’ world but soon realized that my passion lies with helping women find that perfect fitting bra! I was so excited to discover Snazzyway as a customer, and now I am just as excited to be a member of the awesome team here!

Chandika Menon

Digital Marketing Head

Chandika joined the Snazzyway Marketing team in 2017 as a Digital Marketing Strategist. Chandika holds a Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree in Management and joins Snazzyway after four years working as an in-house marketer. She is passionate about bringing more traffic to Snazzyway website.

Vidhi Rao

Purchase Head

I started my journey with Snazzyway  back in 2015. Within the first few months of working in Snazzyway I knew this is the business I wanted a career in as I believed in the brand and the culture. Being a part of a business has been the most amazing experience, but most of all I love being able to come to work every day to empower not only our Customers but also our team.

Ramya patil

Store Development Coordinator

I began working for Snazzyway as a store executive in 2013 as my first job in the digital industry. I very quickly fell in love with the exciting, fast pace, positive atmosphere and Customer focused culture.After 4 years of working in Stores I was offered an amazing opportunity to become the Retail Coordinator and Executive Assistant to our General Manager of Retail.

Rakesh Mahtolia

Head of re seller program

As a  Re seller program head at Snazzyway i am primarily responsible for onboarding new dropshipping partners, serving as the primary liaison for new partners, growing the sales of existing partners, and assisting with sales/marketing initiatives for our Reseller channel as a whole.

Poonam Tewari

Warehouse Manager

 As a warehouse manager i am responsible for organizing the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of warehoused goods.

Thank you for the hard work, new ideas and unrelenting dedication

You all run the show, day in and day out, and there is no one more important to Snazzyway than the people that make it what it is….the most trusted lingerie store in India . As one of the most efficient and effective teams of professionals around, there are no doubts that our company will continue to flourish through 2018 and beyond. Thank you for the hard work, new ideas and unrelenting dedication and determination to seeing us succeed.

Dispatch Team

Isha Lamba

Head Dropship Support

Govind Bisht

Head logistics and supply

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