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Shopping Bra Online – 5 must have bras for Indian college Girls 

Choosing the right bras online isn’t as simple as picking the cute one and hoping for the best.Situation is, the majority of us in India aren’t wearing the best bras for our breasts. Many of us have been wearing the same three or four every day for years and, despite owning roughly 15 options (a estimate), we can’t seem to get the majority into rotation. Maybe it’s that they’re the wrong size, don’t offer enough support, aren’t comfortable, or are simply incompatible with our breast type. (Yeah, look into it.) To remedy that situation, Our fit experts Piya Rawat   break down the 5 bra styles every Indian woman should own.

 T- Shirt Bra

The T-shirt bra is really any style of bra that has a seamless, smooth look under a tight fitted salwar kameez or Top.T- Shirt  bras have cups that maintain a breast shape whether on or off. While other styles are more overtly sexy, this one’s purpose is invisibility .”It’s perfect for everyday wear and works great for all breast shapes.” (Not sure what your breast type is? More on that here.)

A beige T-shirt bra is a must according to our expert Piya. While she advise having a few great options on hand, a skin-tone one is best for an invisible look.

Everyday Bra

While most imported bras are made for special occasions , every woman should have a collection of bras that she draws from for everyday wear. A perfect everyday bra should be soft against the skin,and designed to provide better fitting and support .Due to the hot and humid weather in the country Bras made of cotton are most useful everyday bras in India, they’re cooler and more comfortable in the heat.

Sport Bra

Our breasts move in three dimensions during physical activity.

Bra online India

They move: 1) up and down   2) side to side  3) in and out. So, finding a bra that limits motion in all directions will provide the most protection from sagging and pain. When wearing a sports bra, you should experience significantly less bounce that you would experience wearing a regular bra.

Regular exercise increases your health and your self confidence. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, but you have to be careful and exercise smart. You wouldn’t play cricket without pad to protect your leg, so don’t exercise without a proper sports bra to protect your breasts.

Push Up Bra

Want to try different bra style, that lift your breast and make them look larger, fuller, and higher then a perfect push up bra is what you need ..A perfect push-up bra is a  bra that lifts and supports your bust, creating sexy, feminine cleavage. Push up bras may make your breasts look larger, and they’re a popular choice among women with smaller bust sizes for this reason. However, push-up bras are also great for women even with larger cup sizes who want more lift and support to create rounded, youthful cleavage.

Halter Neck Bra

A halter neck bra is a bra wardrobe essential for every college girl, useful for all sorts of outfits. From sexy gowns to backless dresses to halter tops, a halter neck bra may be the only way to get the support and shape you need. Modern halter neck bras are virtually guaranteed to stay in place with the use of lots of helpful features.

The other thing that is nice about a halter neck bar is that it is easy to get on and requires far less work than an over the shoulder strap bra.  One can be put on easily and it comfortably provides support evenly across the back of the neck.  Thin shoulder strap bras can exert pressure on the trapeziums muscle and result in symptoms such as shoulder and neck pain, numbness and tingling in the arm, and headaches.


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Match Your Dress To The Bra!

Figuring out what bra goes well with what outfit is a tricky question for many Girls and women. When you find the right bra, it can make a big difference in both how your clothes fit and how you feel in them. Certain types of bras, however, work better with certain tops. Here are the best bras for different types of clothing.

  • T-shirt: As the name says, this type of bra is ideal for t-shirts or salwaar kameez. It doesn’t have any frills or seam that would be visible under a t-shirt or kameez.This ensures that they don’t show up while wearing with tight kurtis or T- shits.
  • Push-up: If you’re wearing an outfit with a lower cut in the front and you want to show cleavage, try a push-up bra. The combination of the padding and the cut of the bra gives you lift without showing the bra underneath your top.
  • Sports: You’re probably familiar with sports bras already. Consider a racerback design since it offers more support. Make sure to match the level of support to your activity—walking needs lighter support than running.
  • Balconette: Suited for tops with a lower cut neckline because you’ll get some lift from the bra but the cut of it won’t show.
  • Bandeau: Great for tops that have small or no straps or that have large armholes. They tend to be more decorative than a normal bra so if someone catches a glimpse of it, it doesn’t look as much like an undergarment. You should note that this type of bra tends to offer little support.
  • Strapless: Made especially for tops or dresses that don’t have standard straps.
  • Bralette: Perfect for when you want to a bra with less structure, like with a loose fitting top. Like a bandeau, this bra offers less support than other types.
  • Plunge: Best for tops or dresses that have a deep neckline.
  • Contour: Ideal for tops that are more fitted and for when you don’t necessarily want to add lift to your cleavage. The cups of this bra type are more structured, which adds an even, rounded look to your chest. This type of bra can help to make your breasts look like they’re more similar in size.





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