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We all know that breasts can be different sizes, but did you know that breasts can be different shapes as well?  This may be the solid reason that same bra looks so fantastic on your friend (who is the same size as you), but when you try it, your breasts look uneven and spill over the top!

Choosing the correct bra online for your breast shape will surly make a big difference to how your clothes look, and although you cannot change your breasts shape, you can at least make sure that the bra you are wearing Fits & Support your breasts in the right way.

Which breast shape are you?


Full breasts are round with equal fullness all around the breasts.This is the shape most sought-after, and the shape most bra Indian manufacturers use when designing new bra designs. .  Full breasts can often struggle with a ‘four boob’ effect, even when the bra fits correctly.  This is because the top of the bra cuts into the breast, and causes some to spill over the top.  Bras which are cut lower, or have an elasticated upper will suit this breast type, and will give a more streamlined shape.

Perfect bras:

Demi bras – cut lower, so won’t give a ‘four boob’ effect

Square neckline bras – (if you’re feeling fearless) have a more square neckline, so cut across the middle of your breast.  They do give a heaving cleavage so may not be great if you’re looking for a more modest look.

Full coverage Bra – these will cover your full breast and won’t cut across the fullest part.


Slightly dropped 

If your breasts are fuller at the bottom than the top, and your nipples are slightly pointing downwards, then you have Pear shaped breasts.  You will need to wear a bra that has a little padding in the bottom which will push your breasts upwards to create a rounded look.  Avoid bras that are high cut however, as your breasts will not firmly fill the top of the cups and you will be left with a gap.

Perfect Bras:

Shaper bras – shape and lift the breast

Padded  t-shirt bra – soft and full covered to ensure a firm look.

Padded bras – any padding is great as it will enhance the size of your breasts, and make them feel fuller if they’ve sagged slightly.


Pointed breasts will need a little help to maintain a more rounded shape.  It is likely that you will have a slightly sloping shape to the top of the breast, and your nipples will be pointy and obvious.  You will suit a moulded cup bra well, as this will help to reduce your nipple show, and will encourage your breasts to be more rounded.  A padded push up will also work well to encourage a more rounded shape, but try to avoid plunge styles as your breasts may fall forwards and out of the bra.

Perfect Bras:

Moulded t-shirt –no nipple snow

Padded bra – encourages a round shape

Padded push up – pushes breasts upwards and together


Lucky you!  You can quite easily wear many styles of bra without needing to worry too much about your shape being compromised.    A well supportive bra is essential for exercise though, as the skin around your breasts will not stay taut for long if you put it under too much pressure. You should look after your new breasts carefully, so a repeat operation won’t be needed too soon!

Perfect Bras:

Bandeau – a soft wrap around fashion style

stick on bra – great for strapless dresses

strapless – ideal for boob-tube tops


If you have a reasonably flat chest and prominent nipples, you will probably feel most comfortable not wearing a bra at all!  You can choose a bandeau bra, or shaped camisole to ensure your nipples don’t get chafed.  If you want to improve your size, choose a well-padded, but not pushup style so that your breasts will look naturally enhanced.

Perfect Bras:

Padded – enhances your size

Bandeau – coverage and no nipple chafing

Shaped camisole – great for no constriction and no nipple chafing.



Wide-set –

Wide set boobs have a gap in the middle naturally, and can often have quite a narrow top compared to the bottom.  A balconette is great as your breasts will be lifted rather than pushed together, and a plunge is good as your breasts can naturally fall towards the middle with the help of a little padding. You could also choose a shaper bra, which has side boning to ensure your breasts don’t fall out of the sides of the bra, as they will naturally drift towards the sides of your body.  A moulded bra is also great as it has a pre-determined shape.

Perfect Bras:

Balconette as gives lift and round shape

Plunge – pushes breasts together

Shaper – side boning.

Moulded padded cup with a pre determind shape

Pushup bra – pushes breasts together

Plunge pushup ideal – combines padding for shape and plunge to push breasts together.



Other shape problems:

I have a lot of fat at the sides of my breasts after I wear a bra

This may be because you have lost a lot of weight, perhaps had a baby, and subsequently have excess skin.  You should try a shaper bra which will push this tissue forwards.

Make sure you are wearing a well-fitting bra, as your breasts can be squashed underneath your arms if the cup is too small.  Check our fitting guide to ensure you are wearing a well fitting bra.


I don’t like the pointy look my bra gives me, what style can I try?

Each bra is manufactured differently, and it is difficult to tell until you try a bra on what it will look like.  Persist, and try a different brand if you don’t like the look it gives your breasts.  Try a moulded bra as it will round your shape more.


My breasts are already close together, how do I feel comfortable and help my breasts separate?

A bra with a very small or no centre front will be great for you as then it won’t sit in the middle of your bust and cause friction on your breasts.


Do you have any suggestions?  Have you cracked the code for the perfect bra for your shape?  Share below!

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