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Drop shipping business Snazzyway

Drop shipping business- Easy Way to Success

The idea of drop shipping is that a wholesale drop shipper (the supplier) offers you the option of selling products without buying them first. They also act as service providers who prevent you from having to:

  • Store items
  • Package and ship items
  • Risk money on items when you aren’t sure about how they will sell

Most dropshipping companies in India (actually, there are only a few of them) will charge you a fee in every order for them to provide you this service, however, doesn’t.

Snazzyway has grown to become one of the most trusted wholesale drop shipping companies in India. The Company offers in wholesale quantities, a wide range of Lingeries & women apparel in India with a specific concentration on dropshipping fulfilment services. With snazzyway, you gain full access to her product catalogue made up of a wide selection of the bestselling brand name products in Lingeries & women apparel.

Snazzyway stocks & dropship high demand, fast selling and top quality women intimates, thereby helping you to focus on marketing, customer support and daily functions of your store; helping you create a solid repeat customer base in the process. We provide you with all the tools and services you need to further expand your drop shipping business and the best part is that there are no monthly fees, no hidden charges and you get to make great margins on each sale!

Why Snazzyway is the easy way for your drop shipping business ?

Established in 2013 as a traditional lingerie wholesale supplier, Snazzyway has evolved into one of the most trusted e-commerce product suppliers in India and beyond. The company has overtime, committed herself to providing an affordable & easy way for anyone, anywhere in India to be able to start a very lucrative drop shipping business.


drop shipping business with snazzyway

Snazzyway enables her partners to make a full time earning selling products online by providing them with the tools, and resources to do just that. The company helps you set up your own e-commerce website, shows you how to optimize for maximum search engine visibility, provide top selling Lingerie & women apparel brands for your website, or in the alternative, show you how to dropship her products on eBay, Amazon and other online marketplace. Literally, you store up over ten thousand of our products on your e-commerce website or eBay for days with no monthly fees or middlemen eating up your hard-earned profit!

All of our partners have been very successful using our drop shipping services for their business and this includes different people from different walks of life, from beginners, to seasoned merchants, there is definitely something on offer for everybody. At snazzyway, we will do whatever it takes to help you succeed in your drop shipping business.

All you have to do is register with us by opening an account  online right on our website and provide us with details of information as is required on our registration platform (like; company name, Resale License, Sales Tax ID e.t.c. depending on which is applicable to you) or on the alternative, you can look up our contact details on our website and either give us a call or send us an email and we will  help you figure out the right way to proceed with opening a wholesale/dropshipping account with us.

We have all the resources that you will need to get started and our process is very cost effective, efficient and much less cumbersome than the other few providers of this service in India.

 How Snazzyway dropshipping programme works

Simply add our products on your website and start taking orders from customers. The minute you get paid for an order by a customer you send us the order information and the rest is up to us. We will pack and ship the products to your customers on your behalf while we bill your account.  With snazzyway, you gain total control of how much you charge the customer for the product.


Drop shipping business - get started with Snazzyway

Once you receive an order, simply log into our dropshipping website and place the same order. The moment we receive your order, we process and ship the product to your customer. On completion of the order process, we send you an email with the tracking number of the order so you can conclude the process with your customers; we don’t interfere between you and your customers.

 Benefits of Partnering with Snazzyway

  • Selling high demand branded women intimate products without actually stocking or shipping products.
  • Huge profit margins on sales – (22% -38%)
  • Top quality and fast selling brands.
  • Bright, clear and razor sharp product Images with clear product descriptions.
  • Prompt delivery – within 24 hours.
  • Real time inventory updates with (Low /Out of stock) alerts.
  • Periodic offers and sales to help grow your sales.
  • No monthly Fees.
  • Daily product launch of exciting brands.
  • Largest database of women intimate wear products in India.
  • You don’t have to worry about an item not selling. You only pay for what you sell.
  • Risk-free online business creation and management.
  • We deal with product stocks and availability so you get to focus on the important stuff: Generating traffic and sales.
  • Full access to our product catalogue with a wide selection of top quality brand names to choose from
  • We fill, pack, and ship all orders and provide you with a tracking number.
  • We represent you as a liaison in areas of customer support and relationship management.
  • Our shipping agencies are reliable.
  • Constant updates on status of all orders.
  • No minimum orders required.


Most businesses trust us. For further queries contact us at 


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