Tips to buy palazzo pants online India

Buy Palazzo pants online India

Palazzo pants are very trendy at this moment and every fashion store /Website has latest collection of this wear.These pants look very sophisticated and are very comfortable too.Majority of Indian fashion girl’s are finding their comfort zone in these types of lowers… Rather than skin tight jeans… Really, adorable!

Shopping for palazzo pants can be a fashion minefield. Every month,  brings with it new prints, fabric and colours. We’re constantly being told what color and style are in and out—bold prints are out, solid colors ares are in—then along comes the “Pakisthani” palazzo to confuse us even more. chiffon embroidery, Georgette embroidery, bemberg embroidery… The list goes on.

Seeing as Palazzo is a big part of our fashion statement and it isn’t something we want to stop experimenting with just because we aren’t in our 30s anymore, we thought we’d talk about how you can buy palazzo pants online India with confidence. It’s difficult to decide what to choose and what to let pass by. We try to stay on trend when updating our palazzo every season but are old enough and wise enough to know that not all styles are designed for us.


Finding the right fabric is Key

Palazzo Pants are made with many types of fabrics like cotton, crepe, georgette, silk, or blends of all these in different proportions. You should choose the fabric according to your body shape. If you are curvy and want to hide your curves , cotton is a good choice. If you are skinny and want to add some volume to your look, then silk is the option. Give attention for the styles too. Because rather than fabric, some palazzo styles and cuts can make each body type look good than they really are. Pakisthani cut palazzo made up of georgette are a good choice for curvy girls and palazzo pants made up of velvet, brocade fabrics are go well with slender body types.

Choose the right color


Darker skin can opt for light shade i.e white, beige, baby pink and medium can for not dark or not light shade but avoid pastel colors. Fair skin can go for any color.If you are slim you can opt for large geometric and psychedelic prints and bold colors, but if you are heavier then go for loud colors like orange, fluorescent, deep red and bright pinks that attract the attention towards color not to body shape. The dark shade of the fabric makes the wearer look slim and trim. As black shade  seems to observe the fat.

 Choose the right waist

.High-waisted palazzo pants should be worn with shorter tops or tops tucked in and longer tops with low-waisted pants. With plazzo you could opt these stuffs–

1- keep in mind!  whatever u choose,  it should be complementary to your plazzo

2- tank tops look to sassy. (Rule no 1 applied)

3- Button down shirt (Well fitted)

4- shiffon,  cotton little loose blouse with collars look classy.

5- well fitted t-shirts ( Rule no 1 applied)

6- Denim tops, shirt,  jacket,  shrugs.

7- Turtle neck sleeveless or 3/4 sleeve tops look good too

 Are you ready to buy palazzo pants online India?

If you believe palazzo pants are beyond your fashion comfort zone, give them a try. They’re comfortable and cute, and as long as they’re right for your body type, they’ll look elegant. They’re on trend and lots of fun to wear. So why not give them a try

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