How To Pick a Profitable Niche for Dropshipping Business In India

How To Pick a Profitable Niche for Dropshipping Business In India

What does niche marketing mean? Niche marketing is about finding a spot where there aren’t any competitors, a spot in which people might be interested and for which they might be searching. If you want your website to be seen, then there’s no point making one on the same topic as millions of others. 

Perhaps a small  eCommerce website will not generate hundred thousand Rupees every month; it might generate 15,000 Rupees, for example. That is ok, if the time and effort involved in terms of creating this mini website is not too high; in this way, you could repeat the same business model again and again.Taking into consideration that every small business could generate around Rs 15,000/- every month, with just five niches, you could earn Rs 75,000/- monthly. Does this sound better? And what if you could create 50 websites?

How To Pick a Profitable Niche for Dropshipping Business In India

The first step in eCommerce business is always keyword research. You need to find small markets segment which do not have competition. Wordtrack is a very good tool to use for finding profitable dropshipping niche opportunities. For every keyword, it tells you the number of searches and how many results are found on each search engine.

You should pay special consideration to the KEI column. KEI is the index that balances the number of searches and the number of competitors. The more searches and the fewer the competitors, the better for you. A KEI higher than 10 is good, but you should, ideally, look at keywords with a KEI over 100. More than 400 is a gift.

Find content for your Niche

Once you have selected your niche, you need to find content for it. Don`t worry about which product you are going to sell; this will come later.The “food” of any online business is content. So where can you find content? Well, if you are an expert in an area, you could write your own articles, but if you are not, you have to look for content somewhere else.There are many article directories that offer a lot of content that you can use.You can also find much content just by searching the web. Use search engines, find blogs, forums, websites, etc. Last, but not least, you can always find information as in “the old times,” go to the library or buy one or two books.


How To Pick a Profitable Niche for Dropshipping Business In India Snazzyway India

Register a domain name

After you have gathered enough content, it is time to register a domain name. You should choose a name that has something to do with your target market, but if your idea is to build multiple small websites, you don’t need to register a different domain name every time. You can save money by having one global domain name, and create sub domains for each business.

Follow 3 step formula to make money

The question now is, “Since everything looks nice, how do I make money with my websites?” You need to follow this 3 step formula :

– Create Content
– Generate Traffic
– Monetize your website

You can build traffic by optimizing the webpage content for the search engines and by analyzing your competitors in order to build a better SEO strategy . Blogging and pinging is a way to make sure that your site will be spidered by the search engines. WordPress is a very good option for creating your blog, as it allows you to post, not only articles, but pages. You can easily build mini websites with WordPress.

 Three easy ways to earn money with your Dropshipping Business In India.

1. Your product is key factor for your business success or failure and it is vital that you invest a lot of time finding the right product that will guarantee your success with Dropshipping Business In India .If you choose a bad product and  follow all other marketing steps perfectly. Meaning competitive price, high quality images, SEO, etc.Guess what happens?Yup, you are sure to fail and lose your hard earned money.Below are the check list of an Ideal product for drop shipping  business..


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2. Join affiliate programs. Find people who sell products related to your market niche and who have affiliate programs already set up. You will earn commissions just by selling other people’s items. A good place to find affiliate programs on products is

3. Google Adsense. Create an account at Google Adsense and include Google ads on your site. Every time someone visits your site and clicks one of those ads, Google will share its profit with you.

Creating small Dropshipping Business In India is like a game.  They do not require high investment, but they will not make you rich either. However, if you start playing many of those games, it can become a serious business.

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