5 Fundamentals For Successful Dropshipping Business

5-fundamentals-for-successful-dropshipping-business2019 Tips to Make Your Drop shipping Business Wildly Successful

In 2019 and for years to come, the eCommerce economy in India is expected to grow at rapid pace. As an entrepreneur, this is the best time to start your own online business. Setting up an e-commerce store does not require big money, If you do not want a website of yours, you can sell and make good profit on eBay , Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. You can use Drop-shipping methods to eliminate the need for initial capital: With drop shipping what you do is marketing. once the customer places order, it goes to the vendor who ships on your behalf using packaging in your name.

The vast majority of websites out there are attempting to sell something to everyone by listing more and more products. What the majority of people do not realize is that drop shipping eCommerce business is trickier than you’ve imagined. It takes time, patience and sharp marketing skills to get spotted in the crowd.. If you’ve decided you want to leave your mark in this burgeoning digital economy and are resolute in your desire, then these 5 Fundamentals For Successful Dropshipping Business can help you a great deal.

1- Be specialized – Go Small to grow big

The biggest mistake most e commerce marketers make is that they try to sell to the mass market.  Unfortunately, in today’s competitive e commerce market , the approach of  appealing to everyone is practically the same as appealing to no one. All successful drop shipping businesses has one thing in common: they specializes in a certain product or niche. Specializing is one of the practical ways to get spotted in the crowd.

Many think listing more products in many different category will increase the sale . Just the opposite is true! Specializing allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers, stand out more easily from the competition and compete against a smaller field. Specializing is rarely a bad move to make in a drop shipping venture.


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 2. Learn Marketing and SEO

You can’t imagine any business without proper knowledge of marketing and SEO. Marketing make your drop ship store more popular and brand in the market. E commerce totally depends on the internet and you must be present in all formats of online marketing to get higher attention of visitors. If you’re not a marketing or SEO expert yet, you can join an established marketplace. It is an easy way to start an e commerce drop shipping business or sell products/services online without much knowledge of marketing and SEO.

3.Do listen to your visitors

Listening to your website visitors is very important for every business. As an entrepreneur , you put all the efforts to get the attention of your website visitors; from paid advertising to engaging them on social media channels and offering free products etc. But there is nothing more valuable then hearing back from these visitors/customers and getting to know what they think of your store or product. All successful website owner knows that user experience and user feedback guides you to making the product/service a success. And the best user feedback comes from your actual site visitors and not from friends, mentors or social network strangers. So, collecting feedback from your product’s actual users is crucial to every business.Now the challenge is how to motivate your website visitors to leave feedback for you. You can do few things for meaningful results

1.) Present yourself as a real person to your site visitors. All human being like to talk to people not brands.
2.) Convert this one time feedback in an on-going conversation.


4.Invest the necessary time

While searching you must have found few drop shipping companies promising thousands of income within thirty days . And some of them might seem a bit tempting, you most likely know that these are absolute lies intended to scam honest people out of their money.  Accept that there’s no “secret formula” to drop ship business success, and that you have to put in some good,dedicated hard work if you want your business to grow.

5. Stay organized and optimistic

It bears repeating one more time: you are not going to be an overnight success. Even people like Jack Ma and Roy Raymond who seem to have made it big out of nowhere spent countless years creating their respective empires. And every single one of them has experienced failure at some point in their lives, too. Failure is only the end of a journey if you make it so. If you persevere and learn from your mistakes, failure will only be a bump in the road on the path to success.


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