International dropshipping from india

International dropshipping from india
Snazzyway trends circle for shopify marchants

International dropshipping from india 


We created Snazzyway Trend Circle to provide international dropshipping from India ,with a huge selection of winning Niche products based on our Data Based Predictive Dropshipping AI Technology.
More hot selling products means more sales and revenue for you.¬†With true on-demand distribution, there‚Äôs no need to stockpile inventory or build fulfillment and distribution centers. Snazzyway enable you to fulfill orders on demand ‚Äď to help you maximize profitability, free up capital and minimize costly surpluses.


Save Time, Simplify & Scale your Online store

Snazzyway offer Relible International dropshipping from India so that you can solely focus on selling an extensive range of products that we offer. After confirming orders and payment from your customers, we will ship products to your customers as if it was shipped by you. Not only do you not need to carry any stock, you are able to enjoy low purchase cost and shipping cost from us.We strive to  offer:


  • High Quality products
  • Bright, clear and razor sharp product Images with clear product descriptions.
  • Lowest wholesale prices
  • Express Shipping
  • Fast delivery¬†
  • No MOQ required
  • Traceable shipment with tracking number¬†
  • High discount shipping rate
  • Free Marketing tools¬†




Best Dropshipping Products That Will Make Money in 2023 ...

custoized panties
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Panties wholesale dropshippers
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transparent lingerie wholesale dropshipper india
Bra wholesaler India
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Lingerie, Bra and underwear has been one of those old standby dropshipping India niches that are always sure to be peak performers for sales year round.Here are the top reasons why lingerie products are great to sell online  .

#1 Large market Size

Under every women top is a bra, under every trouser is a panty , so the market is very size is very big in India.

#2 Highly profitable

The markup in the lingerie business is relatively high, which means you do not have to sell a huge volume to make a reasonable profit.

#3 Year round best seller

Lingerie is one of the best niches with a steady demand and online search volume year round. When traffic and sales are regular, it’s easier to predict future sales and growth.

#4 Highly marketable

People especially women are investing a lot to wear a good pair of underwear. Be it for comfort or for sexual provocation/seduction.females spends more than their male counterpart when they go shopping. The fact that lingerie are meant for female makes it highly marketable


Start International dropshipping from india with Snazzyway Trend Circle

What Do you Get with Snazzyway Trend Circle ?

One click product import solution  for Shopify & woocommerce  marchants.

HD Lingerie Video footage for social media promotion  

Free Marketing Tools

Access to  Snazzyway Top Notch  video courses

50% Discount on our selling Prices

Access to our library of 1000 H D Stock Images for Website Banners

Unlimited Shipping bags with your Brand logo printing

One engaging explainer video with voiceover  for brand promotion  

Want to see some successful Dropshipping stores using Snazzyway Trend Circle ?

So you need to hear more about Snazzyway Trend circle… Well, how about you  see some successful dropshipping stores using Snazzyway trend circle to grow their store  . 

# 1

Founder: Tavleen Arora
Website :
Supplier - Snazzyway
Frenchdaina’s website design is simple yet eye-catching. This Shopify based dropshipping store started in June 2021.French Daina is home to a carefully curated selection of sleek, stylish designs as well as the all-important staples. Stretch lace plus size panties are where Frenchdaina really shines . Website has been designed with limited collections which make navigating through the website easy. The minimalist approach to the website design, while emphasizing the website does wonders in creating the ideal first impression to customers.


# 2

Founder: Prveen  Gethsemane
Company: Glamowear
Supplier - Snazzyway
Glamowear is a successful lingerie store built on Woocommerce. Founded in 2021 and owned and managed by Prveen  Gethsemane . The business has gone from strength-to-strength, building its reputation among online competitors, and establishing itself as a one-stop-shop retailer of both designer and value lingerie brands. Glamowear store offers the most brilliant collection of lingerie for all occasions. Their website is highly detailed with tons of high quality  products .



Founder: Edwin Theodore
Supplier - Snazzyway
Iinerme is a Shopify store for lingerie, swimwear, and nightwear of any size. This Shopify store makes sure that their products fit the needs of modern, fashion-conscious women to provide them the support and comfort that they require. Navigating this store, adding products to cart or connecting socially is a seamless experience.



Founder: Manisha Pandyaa
Company: Signature Divas
Supplier - Snazzyway
This Shopify store is bold, it’s big, and it’s beautiful. With its serene photography style. If you’re looking for sexy lingerie at affordable prices, then this is the new lingerie store for you. With something to match every mood from girly to sexy, the signaturedivas website is loaded with very sexy bras, panties , nightwear and leg wears. Besides a range of matching intimates, it also has an impressive collection of essentials such as shape wear, lingerie gift solutions .


# 5

Founder: Umair Malik
Company: Kovia
Supplier - Snazzyway
If you’re looking for something that’s simultaneously sexy, good quality and comfortable, Kovia lingerie is the answer. It’s also, more recently, increased its size range to be more inclusive. Instagram-favourite stretch-Lace bralettes and everyday label-lined multipacks are ready to replenish your lingerie drawer quickly and easily, without waving goodbye to style. There’s so much to say about this store, but we’ll let their stunning website do the talking



Founder: Ashwani Mahajan
Company: Silk Adora
Supplier - Snazzyway
Everything about Silkadora is eye-catching. Vibrant and colourful with fashionable prints and stylish cuts, sheer, tulle pieces look particularly flattering against darker skin tones. Pretty adornments make these pieces even more prestigious, with supportive straps that somehow remain lightweight enough to feel like they’re floating on your skin.



Founder: Mahindra Thakkar
Company: Shoppy Charms
Supplier - Snazzyway and other
This trendy Shopify store doesn’t shy away from adding a little bit of color to their shades. Their website is very user friendly and easy to navigate through. ToyShades lets customers pick from various product collections, including autumn shades, winter shades, everyday eye-wear, and more. Oh, and they regularly post their trendy collections on their social media page, if you’re interested in that.



Founder:Sridhar kumar sahu & Sanjeeb Brahma
Company: fabindra
Supplier - Snazzyway
Fabindra is a successful lingerie store built on Woocommerce. Founded in 2020 and owned and managed by Sridhar kumar sahu & Sanjeeb Brahma . The business has gone from strength-to-strength, building its reputation among online competitors, and establishing itself as a one-stop-shop retailer of both designer and value lingerie brands. Fabindra store offers the most brilliant collection of lingerie for all occasions. Their website is highly detailed with tons of high quality  products .



Founder: Jasvinder Sing
Company: Jurisbazaar
Supplier - Snazzyway



Founder: Archana Balan
Company: Lacysouls lingerie
Supplier - Snazzyway

Can I Dropship From India to the world ?

Many of our customers have the same inquiry: "Can I dropship from India to the world ?" For everyone of them, we have the same response. The answer is yes! : you can dropship from ANY location on the planet.


No, you won't charge GST and you won't be compelled to pay GST to the government because you are exporting services.


Do you need a GST Registration to dropship from India to the world ?

SCENARIO A. Both customer & supplier are based outside of India
When you get an order from a client outside of India, you will forward it to a supplier outside of India, who will then arrange for the delivery of the ordered item to the client. In essence, you are giving the supplier who is delivering the product to the consumer customer forwarding/lead generation services. Since the first leg of the delivery involves sending products from a supplier outside of India to a customer outside of India. Since this is neither an import into India nor an export from India, it is not covered by the GST.
SCENARIO B. Outside India customer & Indian Supplier
A company is not required to register for GST if it only engages in exporting goods or services, according to GST rules. Legally speaking, you are not needed to register under GST if your only activity is international drop-shipping and you do not operate a local business in India. However, you might elect to voluntarily register under GST, which may be the most practical option given the necessities of successfully operating a drop-shipping firm from India.