Successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands

Meet Tavleen Arora, a successful dropshippers in India

Who went from Rs. 5000 in the bank account to clocking Rs. 3 crores in E-comm sales

Brand: French Daina Lingerie
FounderTavleen Arora


Hi, my name is Tavleen 
I have been asked to share my dropshipping success story.Here it is . Two years ago i was working full-time in a corporate job that I hated. I was burnt out and exhausted and desperate to quit my job. I needed a change and I wanted to do something of my own, work my own hours and be in charge of my own destiny. I was searching for a way to quit my job. What business could I start?
I had never even heard of online marketplaces when, in 2017, one of my friend suggested i tried selling online. Amazon seemed like a good place to sell more luxury things. It was winter at the time, so i bought some cheap turtle neck sweaters from Sadar Bazar to sell as a test.Then i bought some panties , bralettes and nightwear, and sold that, and I soon realized that I could make a living out of selling on Amazon.
My next step was to scale so I could quit my job. And I knew Dropshipping was the answer. People seemed to love lingerie, how hard could it be? With Snazzyway, I launched my first full fledged lingerie store on Amazon. My business dream was finally becoming a reality. But quickly my optimism faded. I just wasn’t getting the volume I needed to quit my job.
I began researching and studying everything I could about e-commerce. Digital marketing, copywriting, social media and Facebook ads – there was so much to learn. I was determined to make it work. I began testing different strategies in my Amazon business. But I was learning the hard way with a lot of trial and error. I spent time on the wrong things. And I invested a lot of money in things that just didn’t work.
Successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands

Growth Challenges

Undoubtedly, Amazon high marketing fee and buyer friendly policies are the biggest challenge most sellers have faced, and it’s definitely mine too. I, like the rest of the seller, soon realized that to succeed in today’s competitive online retail industry, it is no longer enough to rely on a single platform from which to sell products.Cost-concious consumers searching for products, delivery options, and price points that most appeal to and best suit their needs.
I clearly realised the potential of my own Brand and website. In addition to Amazon, i also sold stock via my own website . However, my strategy for doing so was not proving to be an efficient use of the time. After listing items on Amazon, i then had to duplicate and optimize these listings on my own website – a timely and repetitive process.
I had seen good success using Amazon and my own website , which allowed me to reach more shoppers and build up our brand.However, as the business developed, i realised my approach to selling wasn’t working. Having to list and optimize items multipal times meant that I had less time to focus on other aspects of business, like Brand building and SEO. This prevented me from further growth, and I knew i had to change tactic


Successful dropshippers in India & Stories Behind Their Brands

That's how the brand French Daina was born

So while my game plan was always to create my own brand eventually, I wanted to get as much hands-on experience as possible before going it alone. Selling on marketplaces helped me to get a solid understanding of the lingerie industry .  I also joined Mood booster, which was a young sexy lingerie brand at the time. That opportunity gave me insight into how a young business navigates rapid growth over a short period of time, which helped me to understand how to troubleshoot the inevitable teething problems that come with starting a business. The hands-on experience was a good set-up for starting up on my own brand .
The launch of my lingerir brand – French Daina in August was a major milestone for the business.It was a tremendous effort by the Snazzyway team who worked hard to create a product that will make a difference to people around the world, especially to women who are extra plus size . To see what started as an idea 18 months ago as a tangible product in the hands of consumers and businesses is extraordinary.


The Business

French Daina does a little of everything and it does it all well. Cheeky lace lingerie? Check. Soft, longline, wire-free bralettes? Check. Everyday thongs, bikini briefs and high waisted pants? It’s got them all. Classic, muted colours and sexy yet everyday-friendly options . It’s a brand that you’ll never feel bad about buying, thanks to its never-ending commitment to better practises and changing up the fashion industry. Soft, cotton triangle bras and a large range of briefs are simultaneously caring and comfortable.

My greatest business achievement to date

The word ‘achievement’ can mean different things to different people, to some it may be defined by financial success or winning a large contract, and to others, it may mean something such as achieving a great work-life balance. Whilst having founded and run a successful business over the last three years, my greatest sense of achievement is that , i’ve built our community to over 92 thousand users across India . In August 2021 i had tripled the number of SKUs to nearly 2270. In terms of revenue, our previous monthly turnover of INR 9,80,290 now tops INR 12,22,000.It’s the passion of our users that excites me every day – It’s inspiring knowing what inspired them and how lingerie is such a universal way for women to express their feelings .