Best niche for dropshipping in india

Best niche for dropshipping in india IN 2023


At Snazzyway India, we talk a lot about Bras, Panties and Lingerie business opportunities. Given I have written a blog on every single lingerie trend going in India, I now consider it part of my vocation to talk about one very frequently asked question : Which are India's most profitable dropshipping niche products?  keep scrolling to see top 5 reasons that makes lingerie the Best niche for dropshipping in india

Lingerie is the Best niche for dropshipping in india

India's most profitable dropshipping niche products - Lingerie and underwear has been one of those old standby niches that are always sure to be peak performers for sales year round. In India, where norms and mores are very strict, women and men don’t feel comfortable shop out in the store rather they prefer buying lingerie online. lingerie market is currently pegged at Rs 9,700 crore in India and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 16 percent. Over 60 million women in India are now online and use the Internet to manage their day-to-day life.As you can see Ladies undergarment business opportunities is very huge and if you decide to sell these popular products , you will have ample opportunity to build a thriving, profitable business.

Lingerie sale booming in India ! Huge market Size

Under every women top is a bra, under every trouser is a panty , so the market is very size is very big in India. The Indian fashion industry has taken the lingerie business to a higher level by making panties more than small piece of material that covers the genital. But has made it become a form of expression of style and a force of attraction and appeal.

Year round best seller

 Lingerie is one of the best niches with a steady demand and online search volume year round. When traffic and sales are regular, it’s easier to predict future sales and growth, it’s easier to estimate stock levels (if you’re storing stock) and most importantly, you will have a much more consistent and predictable income month after month!

Highly profitable

Making money is a primary goal of all small business owners, and seeing all your hard work pay off in a successful lingerie boutique that makes a lot of profits would be a dream come true for most. The markup in the lingerie business is relatively high, which means you do not have to sell a huge volume to make a reasonable profit.

Highly marketable

People especially women are investing a lot to wear a good pair of underwear. Be it for comfort or for sexual provocation/seduction.females spends more than their male counterpart when they go shopping. The fact that lingerie are meant for female makes it highly marketable

Best dropshipping niche products in India that will dominate Year 2023

Start selling Lingerie from your website and make up to 55% mark up profits

Our operations are based in India with full product certifications. The products we offer are mainly high volume selling products which allows you to generate more sales. We always aim to provide the best prices which means on some products you can markup to 100% and still be highly competitive in your market. We provide free shipping in India and ship worldwide with tracking .We ship our orders daily which means it only takes us 1 business day to send out your order to your customer.

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