Is it true that most Indian women wear the wrong Panties size?

Is it true that most Indian women wear the wrong panties size? If so, why?

Yes its true - most Indian women wear the wrong panties size, because they have never felt joy of a  fitted underwear. The noticeable clue of the panties being the wrong size don't feel like being the wrong size... they just feel like "annoying .Selecting the correct Panties online is surely a very personal choice. It also depends on the varied demand; where you want simple cotton underwear for daily use, or strings panties for a very special occasion or you can also choose wearing thongs. You have to study the comfort factor all above everything, but it’s excellent to buy an panties that looks beautiful and comfortable. It makes you feel relaxed about yourself and improves your confidence. It imply like a simple thing but it does make a world of difference.

Do you buy bras panties looks lavish and cute? Well Lace, net and padded bras can be seductive to the eyes, but it is very important to pick up the right panty size that properly fits ..Keep scrolling to check out why most Indian women wear the wrong panties size ,and what you need to know before online panty shopping.

Celebrities know getting the basics right… Do you?

Panty can say very much about a female lifestyle.  What panties we wear define who we are and how we are feeling that day.So find your interesting and curly sides and slip on a pair that suits your mood but be aware that as far as there are girls wearing panty there will be men thinking just what lies beneath the jeans. Then again we feel women find that part exciting so here are our personal favorites. So be ready to pick up panties that you would love to wear.

It’s time to update your Panties Styles.

There are altogether a few options when it comes to selecting a pair of women’s underwear


Its name indicates, hipster panty that sits on the hips of its wearer. This panty almost functions as a combo of briefs, bikini and boy shorts panty. Different types of panty are mixed to make the design of underwear. Standard briefs can expose panty lines in many types of materials. As of its low cut, this panty can make panty lines are seen less.

Bikini brief;

Bikini is the most fashionable style in panty worn by ladies over the world. Bikini brief offer the most number of pleasures without adjusting on the style. It empowers you to be comfortable and fashionable at the same time.


A tiny sexy piece of panty that ladies wear and it freak out men;s. When a girl lean down it turn to show out from her jeans. Boys love them a lot .

Boy short;

Boy shorts allow full coverage in a modern style. Boy shorts are a comfortable for daily use alternative and offer comfortable coverage under clothing.

V-string panty /G-string;

A form of panty that is risky in the sense that some female who wear it consists of an ass string and a very thin front part. When it is worn by the right women, it is in total very sexy.

Full Coverage Panties;

Plus size panties gives full coverage to the body. It is some were similar to that of granny panties. Plus size are in variation of styles, color, prints and design .it is fashionable and comfortable who want to wear a plus size panty.

Vintage panties;

vintage panties are usually high cut; with a elastic waistband that comes up to at least your belly button they might also come in floral patterns,or other old lady looking styles just like any other type of panty, anything’s possible that suit on your style.

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