This Is Why You Should Buy Cotton Panties

7 Surprising Benefits of wearing cotton Panties!

Many women buy cotton panties because they probably know that cotton panties are very convenient, lightweight,breathable and extremely comfortable .But cotton panties actually does so much more to your body Here are some surprising benefits of cotton panties that you should know about and which may even inspire you to buy cotton panties for yourself! 

1- Comfort

Cotton panties are soft and easily stretch, making it a comfortable fabric to wear. Due to the softness and comfort, cotton panties are regularly used by women in her daily lifestyle, cotton panties are useful to women for a long time like when she is in office or when is in going for a long journey because it gives more comfort at that time which is important to body as well.

2- Durability

Cotton panties have a huge tensile strength making it solid, durable and less likely to rip or tear. It is more secure when it is wet.

3-Moisture Control

Cotton fabric is breathable and diffuse moisture away from the body and is absorbent and transfer liquid from the skin, like a towel. Cotton panties allow you to remain comfortable while doing exercise, keeping moisture away from your skin and clothing.


Cotton panties protect against heat in the summer or cold in the winter by giving thermal insulation as the cotton fabric traps air among the fabric fibres.

5-Hypo allergenic

Cotton fabric reduces allergic reactions, so wearing cotton panties usually recommended for those ladies who are having skin allergies. Because cotton provides hypo-allergenic through which skin of women is not going to be irritate. As we all know that cotton used in medical products also like bandages and gauze, and is the fabric of choice when it comes to baby clothing, why? The answer is that cotton is best solution for all those. So that’s why cotton panties are more useful rather than others.

6- Period Protection

Doctors suggests all women should be wearing cotton panties during a menstrual period. Cotton panties largely give more absorbent at the time of periods and moreover this is less expensive to other synthetic materials.

7- Gentle Material

Cotton panties if made up of pure cotton fabric helps to increases the softness, absorbency and breath ability. It also gives a proper comfort while sitting because cotton is stretchable

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The style tricks girls swear by

There are many different types of cotton panties are available in market based on the amount of coverage, width of the sides, and the height which women wear are as follows:

Boyshorts cotton panties:

These panties are mainly designed to offer support and at the same time it gives to looks slimmer.

Hipsters cotton panties:

These panties are little similar to others but it can worn lower down the thighs and waist band while reaching the hips.

Bikinis cotton panties:

These  exciting cotton bikinis are comes to reach the hip levels like the hipsters but the fabric which can be used there are disappears the side and waist is made of just a string like material.

Bridal cotton panties:

These types of panties are especially meant for bridal purpose panties because it gives proper comfort and it feel look sexy, beautiful and gorgeous.

Cotton Thongs:

These types of cotton panties is reduced waist band as similar to the tangas but the coverage at the back is not full

Everyday use cotton panties:

This is the same type of cotton panties as thongs but has rear coverage. The small piece of fabric at the back extends to the waist bands.


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