Lingerie Style Practically Every Young Indian Women Loves

Most Versatile Lingerie Style Practically Every Young Indian Women Loves

If you’re a girl, you’ve certainly gone lingerie shopping at least once in your life. And most women would agree that finding the right undergarments is a delicate matter, to say the least. So what’s the key to finding the perfect piece? Simplicity, sexiness and fit. Once you find the right support, it’ll give your body—and confidence—a boost. But if you haven’t had great luck finding undergarments, take a cue from celebrity blogger Cora Harrington of  The Lingerie Addict, She explain most versatile lingerie Style Practically Every Young Indian Women Loves , that are bound to make you feel as good as you should.

Bikini Brief

Comfort, sexiness and softness :Potentially the cutest underwear, the bikini brief also popular as the everyday panty. Very sexy, but substantial enough to cover the majority of your ass. These brief are every celebrity’s best friend. the bikini style underwear are the absolute starter pack for the ladies who wants to start exploring more exciting underwear opportunities.

Boy shorts

Ladies, you’ll feel gorgeous in these – Boy shorts are the hottest Underwear Style for majority of celebrity’s .They’ll give you a lovely camel toe and a lot of support. Boy shorts underwear are less likely to ride up while working out, which leads to a much more comfortable experience. They are also ideal to sleep in paired with a tee  or camisole top, and come in every fabric from cotton to satin.

Brazilian Cut

Simply Sexy, Brazilians cut panties give you coverage at the front  but are nice and high cut at the back to show that sexy booty. Plus, they have lot of colourful lace. –Very classy & Stretchy .



warmth, Freedom and softness: the queen of all panties. Sold in bulk at Snazzyway in the many colours and all sizes , Hipster (Full Brief) will always keep you comfortable . All celebrity love wearing  favourite granny panty style because they offer the comfort that no one else will during periods.

Thong/ G String 

The Ultimate demarcation (of attitude and bum-cheeks). pleasant or spilt-bottom pain inducing? Sexy or sleazy?   Every celebrity has an opinion on the thong. These panties work best on smooth bottomed ladies with awesome definition and a lack of nerve endings near their bums.The coverage is minimal but if you’re looking for an opportunity to try a new sexy style then thongs are your thing.

If you only follow one fashion tip, let it be THIS

It’s so easy for men – they just pull on some Brief with some sort of brand name printed on the waistband, and off they go into the world. But for ladies the choice of panties creates a immense issue every day – Bikini brief,Hipster, thong, or boy shorts?

The selection is endless and the consequences of the wrong panties are risky. Choosing panties is a minefield of edge, camels toes and visible panty lines . The key of choosing stylish and sexy panties is not complicated : Opt panties according to your outfit and situation. It is foolproof way to buying lingerie Style Practically Every Young Indian Women Loves.



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