M-Compact 40 Den Sexy Sheer Tights

M-Compact 40 Den Sexy Sheer Tights is perfect to formal occasions like weddings and parties that require formal clothes, while opaque tights are the best option for winter days. These gorgeous tights are the ultimate in luxury and style, providing a soft legs for those special occasions. Everyday Smooth knit tights are perfect for everyday wear. These tights are made from nylon for added comfort and contain a built in back panel for extra support.


Suggestions to Wear M-Compact 40 Den Sexy Sheer Tights

  • Made up of polaymide and elastane
  • It helps to disguise your legs size and it makes them look more discreet
  • Available in the one size only
  • In case you feel comfortable with your thin legs, darker solid colors are just as good to you
  • For an even stronger lengthening effect for your legs, wear a skirt with the same shade of color. It serves for your shorts or dress as well
  • At work, avoid wearing colorful, patterned, lacy and fishnet tights. Use more simple and discreet models that will bring the elegance and the sophistication needed to complement your professional image
  • The most common and democratic color is black, which brings sophistication and elegance to your look

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