Simple Indian Women Who Dared To Wear Sexiest Lingerie

Simple Indian Women Who Dared To Wear Sexiest Lingerie

I grew up in Sangli a Small town in Maharashtra, India . A town where still women are more quiet towards the men and repressed in emotions . It is considered "bad" to wear anything revealing (even wearing sleeveless kurti, forget about short dresses or skirt)  Finding your identity in India is always tough, especially when your parents don’t realize that you’ve entered a new stage of your development. Mummy buys what she likes and what she thinks will look good on you. She started buying bra and panties for me when I turned 13 i think, always very simple cotton assorted bras/panties. I think she never cared even when i was 19 ,that a women needs to feel fancy and beautiful in her underwear. All throughout my teens I wore the boring Rs 60 Bra Panty, I would tell my mummy that i needed new underwear and she'd just say, "What happened to the 6-pack I got you 1 years ago?"

 first time I went bra shopping

So when I moved off to Mumbai, the first ‚Äúlingerie‚ÄĚ I ever bought was just a simple matching bra and panty set . I remember the first time I went bra shopping... I spent so much time looking around! I only bought two because that's how many I had before, but quickly realised I should get a few more so I wouldn't have to constantly wash them . I started with just a black bra and a white bra (that came with matching thongs! Oh my mom would've had a heart attack if she knew!), then after that I got more in some fun colors and prints. One day my mom came in my room and saw them and freaked. "Why do you need SO MANY bras?" I had 5 or 6. "I can't believe you're blowing all your money on that. Nobody needs that many bras." I'm pretty sure most women probably own enough to get them through a standard work week. My mom, however, only owns 2 or 3 and replaces them about once a¬†¬†decade. As for "blowing all my money"... the bras were about Rs 500 a piece. Today i consider myself a¬†simple Indian Women Who Dared To Wear Sexiest Lingerie , and below are my picks for you

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