Dropshipping from China to India

Dropshipping from China to India Snazzyway India

You need a unique product idea and supply to be able to start an eCommerce business. After having the unique product idea, what you need next is get the right dropship supplier. In today’s world, a global village, there has never been an easier way of finding a manufacturing or wholesaling dropshipping partner, though sourcing products from aliexpress dropshipping especially from China can still appear a difficult task for new eCommerce entrepreneurs. This article “Dropshipping from china to India” will give you insight on how you can efficiently and safely find aliexpress dropshipping suppliers.

Pros and Cons of  Dropshipping  from China to India

Many Indian eCommerce entrepreneurs look to some overseas chines companies, for example, aliexpress dropshipping for product suppliers because they want to take advantage of the low product costs. Manufacturing costs in China can be significantly lower than many parts of the world including India .Though cheaper product cost is making China an attractive place to find drop ship suppliers, it is not the only reason working in China’s favor. Other benefits include the following:

•Ability of drop ship suppliers to be very willing to work with small businesses and provide enough small MOQ 

•Existence of variety of suppliers to choose from

•China is the only manufacturer of many of the products in demand

•One-stop services including Alibaba make is easy to navigate and purchase from suppliers

Dropshipping from China to India business model can be very profitable, but it comes with a lot of risk.You have to know how to properly choose aliexpress dropshipping supplier, determine their demand level, make sure they’re profitable, and deal with the entire process of sourcing products from Chinese suppliers. The final step alone can be a huge headache.Along the advantages also come numerous disadvantages that you should be aware of for better trade in future. They include the following:


•Perceived lower quality products from suppliers

•Alleged lower manufacturing standards

•Longer shipping time

•Difficult product product return process

•Complex product importation and clearing procedures

If you are looking to get started in ecommerce, I recommend you choose local dropship company and sell branded products . Established brands are easier to sell because people are already familiar with them.

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