10 Sexy Lingerie All Pretty Indian Girls fell in love with

A new Survey Reveals 10 Sexy Lingerie All Pretty Indian Girls fell in love with

As a full time Lingerie consultant during the day, and a writer during the night,  written hundreds of articles for Indian women on how to measure, pick out styles, fit, and choose the correct fitting bra.I thought I’d fully qualify to answer the question 10 Sexy Lingerie All Pretty Indian Girls fell in love with .  since I’ve helped Indian women in numerous types of lingerie from Rs 3000 La Senza bras to Rs 200 Jockey panties. It isn’t about the brand or price to a Indian woman as much as it is about the emotional feeling of wearing it for themselves and for their husband.

Here at Snazzyway, we strongly believe that we women should wear whatever we find comfortable and fit. This is partly why we find Snazzyway recent survey so fascinating—We teamed up with All Seasons to conduct a poll asking Indian women what types of bras, panties, and more they find most comfortable. Polling more than 2100 women from 17 different states, the survey requested respondents' preferences on Bras and panties.

According to the survey results,Indian womenprefer (Hold on!) push-up bras and lacy Hipster panties above all other forms of intimate wear. Coming in a close second are Demi cup bras and bikini panties—two trends we can get a little more behind than the Indian women species's top picks.

Keep reading to see the full Snazzyway survey results  and to Buy our top picks lingerie at the moment!

While few of the survey results were hardly shocking - over 56% Indian women want to buy and try thong panties. other answers left us pleasantly surprised. One question asked , What do you think of thick padded push-up bras??? Do you wear it for guys ?And thankfully, majority of  Indian women Said No .One participant took the words out of our mouths when she responded to the survey by saying " Boobs are boobs, so it's not even a matter of discussion if they get smaller, we are just happy with what  we have".

The survey was conducted on Snazzyway.com from May 24, 2019 

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