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Essential Underwear style every Indian girl should own.

The Rediff News reported recently that young Indian women are increasingly embracing “Boyshorts panties” and spurning Regular Boring panties, proving that now more than ever, Indian women are dressing and shopping for themselves.

“There is  a 22 percent increase in sales of Boyshorts underwear this quarter” Tells Ms Rekha Arora category head at Snazzyway. The real takeaway is that women, no matter their shape or size, should wear whatever Panties they like — be it Hipster, Bikini or otherwise, as long as they feel comfortable in it.

The rising popularity of boyshorts and growing market for fashionable, affordable lingerie in India, all point toward a more Smart, Positive body society. according to Ms Rekha, women simply buying what they find sexy and comfortable“. Wearing the best fitting underwear not only makes you feel better but look thinner!! So, read on to understand all about Boyshorts and how to find proper fitting boyshorts for your body type. This panty style deserves to be brought out in the open

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What is Boy Shorts Style ?

Boy shorts are the hottest Underwear Style for women.  They are panties cut like shorts.  They provides more coverage and covers the majority of the buttocks, so there are no panty lines, and they are more comfortable for many women than a Hipster or regular panty.  They are great to sleep in paired with a tee shirt or camisole top, and come in every fabric from cotton to satin. They have the added advantage of acting a little like a control top when made from a stretchy fabric.  Could the boy short be the wave of the future?  Read on for buying tips

Why they’re essential:

Boy shorts is a surprisingly one of the most comfortable panties woman can wear. They come in many different styles to provide total comfort .Boyshorts panties provide a lot of qualities that most women would want.

  • No Panty lines – They are a pair of panties that are wedge free, answer to those awful panty lines.
  • Slimming affect – Usually, boy shorts have a high waist and low back end  This adds a slimming affect to the front of the body as well as to the back.
  • Ideal for Activity– Boyshorts Panties are less likely to ride up while working out, which leads to a much more comfortable experience
  • Massive designs – Boyshorts Panties come in all different types of designs; some plain and some sexy regardless, of the look, they serve three different purposes.

So boy shorts save women the hassle of many problems they face each and every day, whether it is an embarrassing moment, or a tightly fitting pair of pants, boy shorts are a life saver for women all over the world…and galaxy

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5 Basic Tips to buying the Best Fitting boyshorts panties online

In order to buy the best boyshorts panties that you deserve you must be willing to to go beneath the surface.Just as it is important to build a house on a great foundation, such is the case when it comes to our clothes.  Our panties/intimate apparel can create the necessary foundation that builds supports and smoothness to our outerwear/clothing.Here are 5 helpful tips to finding the perfect fit boyshorts panties.

1. Be open to change.  It is vital that you be willing to try a brand or style that you have never worn before, especially if your body has experienced weight fluctuation recently.

2-Wear fabrics that breathe.Cotton is generally considered the healthiest fabric for panties.  It’s breathable and so reduces the risk of yeast infections.  It’s also considered the most comfortable. Avoid fabrics such as nylon because it has been known to cause some health issues.

3- The situation matters: Buy panties that will go well with your apparel. Low waist Jeans ,skirts or anything with a more flowy construction should be worn with boyshorts panties.


4- Buy one size smaller – When buying boy shorts, make sure you pick pairs that are snug enough to hug your body,  Don’t go too loose either, though! There is nothing worse than a saggy, baggy pair of boy shorts

5- fix your budget– If you have good budget, go for a branded panty. A normal boy short cotton panty will be much cheaper, and it will be ideal for your regular day at work. Therefore, you need to fix your budget first, and then shop for the ones you want to add to your panty wardrobe.

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Trust Snazzyway to shop for Quality Boyshorts panties

Trust Snazzyway the specialist Lingerie dropshipping supplier in India to shop for quality boyshort panties online.We have a dedicated section for Boyshorts Underwear with huge variety in all colours, Style, Sizes and Fabric.We stock stylish and comfy boyshorts for both average and plus size figures. Our Boyshort styles range from the basic to the sexy. We carry a vast selection of printed, embroidered and colorful luxury boyshort panties in a variety of fabrics like cotton, microfiber, nylon and lace. Snazzyway also offers fast & free home delivery for all of our products. we understand importance of fast delivery , most of the deliveries are done in less than  3 business days from order confirmation. Get the best prices for boyshorts panties online India, guaranteed.


While shopping for a boyshorts panty, you will encounter a bewildering amount of variations in size, color, shapes and materials that are on offer. However, with a clear understanding of your requirement, you can make boyshort underwear shopping great fun.It’s always a good idea to test boy shorts by buying one pair to start.  That way you can test the fit and comfort before investing in several pairs.  If they ride up, or bunch, try another size or cut .

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