I Tried on Different types of panties & these are the ones I’d recommend

I Tried on All the Panties Styles With Different Dresses, And These Are the Ones I'd Recommend
What are the different types of panties and when to use them ? -This is a very frequently asked question women in India ask me in real life. Glad to answer this . As a  modern Indian girl, I like to wear all shorts of dresses. I wear both Indian and western dresses.The problem when wearing any outfit is wearing proper underwear which don't display panty lines. I’ve worn just about every style at least once.I’d guess that 60% of the well over 110 pair of panties I own are hipster with the other 40% being evenly divided between Bikinis, Boyshorts and thongs .
There’s something evidently enjoyable  buying yourself quality panties. Be it a elegant yet comfortable everyday Hipster or a bold Thong you may not ever even wear but love to look at (let’s be real here—we’re all guilty of those online purchases ), it’s good to thrill yourself to a something new, especially if the word new also applies to the price band. Keeping that in mind,  I’ve rounded up the most adorable female panties that only look expensive. I’ve worn every style panties with many different dresses, so I can tell you different types of panties that you should try. If you want to buy something other than the Jockey this year, keep scrolling to see and shop the best panties right now.

Hipster – The panty style that will rule forever

My panties collection
I love hipster -  They are less suffocated ,make butts look better and feels like a safety net .I can spend the whole day in them and won’t feel like i still have yesterday’s bathroom break on me.I own dozens of hipster in many different colors, cut and fabric.No matter what the fabric — cotton, satin, stretch they are extremely comfortable and cute. Choose cotton fabric and color or print of your choice , they will work well with most of the  Indian clothes ( Salwar, saree , long skirts etc ) in wardrobe.

Bikini - It’s sexy, It’s cute and It’s very comfy

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I wear bikini style underwear, for many reasons!  It’s sexy, It’s cute and  It’s very comfy. Putting on sexy Bikini bottoms for some me is instant self confidence booster. So many styles, so many colors - there is a wide choice of options based in design, shapes and sizes, i mostly wear regular maximum coverage sometimes butt exposing Brazilian cut and everything in-between. You can choose a correct bikini bottoms based on your personal preferences… Colour?…Style?…Fabric?  Also consider your audience and attitude.

Thong - Sexy style that promise to hide panty lines

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Thong panties are extremely comfortable to me. It’s the only panty style I don’t even notice I’m wearing.Organic Cotton thongs with a not-too-narrow but not-too-wide thong part are the best. I wear them for office, yoga, everything. I find them more sexy than boy shorts or bikini. I have been wearing only thongs happily for 3 years.

Boy shorts -One panty style practically every young women Loves

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I feel gorgeous in these .They gives a lovely camel toe and a lot of support. Boy shorts underwear are less likely to ride up while working out, which leads to a much more comfortable experience. They are also ideal to sleep in paired with a tee or camisole top, and come in every fabric from cotton to satin.

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