Time to say goodbye to beauty subscription boxes?

Beauty subscription boxes lovers, be ready to change . The latest subscription boxes trend in India that currently garnering the most attention is Love box. It provides what you really need, as well as what you want and a few things to pamper and sooth you too.

We want to make every Indian women to feel special with a unique present: a bag of bras , Panties and pads along with bubble bath, lotion, lip gloss, nail polish and jewelry . To further make it more especial, some sugar-free chocolates and ice cream!

You will really find love box to be worth every buck. This is a monthly subscription that discreetly delivers the high quality age-appropriate undergarments and feminine supplies.

Make your daughter’s first bra a memorable experience with Love box (Growing Angle )

When your little daughter is ready to wear her first bra you want her to feel special, give her a special present: a box of world’s best training bras , full-length camisole with built in bras along with bubble bath, lotion, and chocolates and candies!We know what’s best for her wardrobe, so we include all different options – She may like  pinks,  blues, and  greens, but we also include few neutral color that she can wear under lighter colored clothing.

Beauty Subscription Boxes|For Daughter|growing girl|India|

Time to say goodbye to beauty subscription boxes snazzyway


Love box(Young hearts)- Every college going girl obsessed with this subscription box 

All fashion freak girl’s have this personal style thing locked down, so it’s no wonder we’re always turning to the style setters for inspiration.Love box for young is a cute subscription box service for your family/friends off to college (or as a treat to yourself, if you believe you are still young)

beauty subscription boxes for women India



Time to say goodbye to beauty subscription boxes snazzyway

More then beauty subscription boxes - Its Snazzyway love box


The Products:  “Each month, college girls from around the country receive specially designed love boxes of carefully selected bras, panties , personal care products, fun gadgets and more gifted to them by their parents and loved ones.” This box is designed to be aim at  Indian female college students, as a surprise package.  We strongly believe the items in the box would all appeal to college going girl’s

Love box(Pro)- This is how all office lingerie should be: Pretty and Practical

If you’re already working , then you’ll know how tough it is to find pretty but practical lingerie to match with office wear. While you want something gorgeous to make you feel your best, lingerie for office should be made of quality fabric that can make you feel uncomfortable. Which is exactly what you want  –  Quality  lingerie that will do its job while you do yours. Love box for pro is a box for busy working women. Discover essential bra, panties and lingerie for office wear, beauty essentials and more!

Beauty Subscription box for working women India

Essentail Bra, Panties,Lingerie for office wear - Snazzyway

Subscription box fo rwomen - Intimatewear gift - Snazzyway

Love box ( Romance) – Super Sexy Lingerie Guaranteed to Get You A Kiss Under the Mistletoe

Looking to update the sexy lingerie corner of your wardrobe ? we are with you . Weather you are in search for seductive panties or full on flirty bras , look no further then love box ( Romance) – a box specialized in exotic inner wear and sleepwear that are guaranteed to land you a smooch

More then just plain beauty subscription box - flirty, seductive gift for her

very sexy gift box for her - bra, panties, babydoll and more- snazzyway

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