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2- Understanding dropshipping
3- Understanding Drop Shipping Niche
4- implementing dropshipping business in India
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poonam tiwari

Poonam Tiwari

What Is Drop Shipping?

You might have heard of dropshipping, and if you're considering creating an online store then it could be just what you're looking for. Traditional E-commerce models involve creating or buying inventory yourself, but with dropshipping you can get a business off the ground quickly, easily, and above all cheaply by getting a wholesale dropshipping supplier to fulfill orders for you. Many online ecommerce businesses are finding it is very profitable to drop ship products to their buyers. Drop shipping is a great way to sell more product on your ecommerce site when you don't have the warehouse and storage capacity. To get a good return on investment (ROI), you need to pick the right dropshipping supplier and products and know how to do your homework. You also need marketing. 

How does one profit from wholesale dropshipping supplier?

Starting your own business can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also be a time of stress and worry, especially if you are investing money in your venture. Working with trustworthy women apparel dropshippers can help to alleviate some of the stress associated with starting a business. Drop shipping is an ideal low-cost solution for many people. While the startup costs are low, the earning potential of a drop shipping business can be high. From personal experience I believe that the easiest cost-affordable way to make a steady profit from dropshipping is to start an online business by selling a product. We are at such a unique point in history where you can start your own successful business, selling a product, without ever leaving your house.

How To Pick a Profitable Niche for Dropshipping Business In India

What does niche marketing mean? Niche marketing is about finding a spot where there aren’t any competitors, a spot in which people might be interested and for which they might be searching. If you want your website to be profitable, then there’s no point making one on the same topic as millions of others. 

The first step in eCommerce business is always keyword research. You need to find small markets segment which do not have competition. Wordtrack is a very good tool to use for finding profitable dropshipping niche opportunities. For every keyword, it tells you the number of searches and how many results are found on each search engine.

You should pay special consideration to the KEI column. KEI is the index that balances the number of searches and the number of competitors. The more searches and the fewer the competitors, the better for you. A KEI higher than 10 is good, but you should, ideally, look at keywords with a KEI over 100. More than 400 is a gift.

Women apparel dropshippers Snazzyway

women apparel dropshippers

How to start drop shipping business in India in three steps?

Step 1 – Choose a Right Product to Sell

Your product is key factor for your business success or failure and it is vital that you invest a lot of time finding the right product that will guarantee your success .If you choose a bad product and  follow all other marketing steps perfectly. Meaning competitive price, high quality images, SEO, etc.Guess what happens?Yup, you are sure to fail and lose your hard earned money.Below are the check list of an Ideal product for drop shipping  business

Step 2- Find a reliable supplier 

Before you can start searching for your reliable women apparel dropshippers, you’ll need to ensure you have a few things taken care of. Wholesale dropshipping suppliers often need proof that you’re an serious retailer and not just a consumer before they even consider partnering with you.Address this issue before it occurs and make sure you have your business GSTN , as well as a copy of your Company Pan Card and registration.There are three main things to look at when considering a drop shipper.

Step 3 – Choose a platform to sell 

All dropshipping supplier will have some kind of product data feed files in form of CSV/XML/XLS which will contain all their inventory, the selling prices, sizes, colors,and the images, descriptions, etc. It will then be up to you to then go off and sell this stock, and make profit. Where you would sell the inventory is up to you. Easiest way to start is with Amazon and Shopclues. What you need to do , is log into your Amazon seller account, and list the items for sale, generally be careful about the pricing you set, because Amazon can be very competitive, and unless you make the prices attractive, then you may struggle to sell any products.This is one of the reasons why choosing the reliable  dropshipping supplier is absolutely important.



You really need to work with a women apparel dropshippers that offers competitive prices, and are not middlemen themselves , because if you don’t choose a manufacturer or real wholesaler as your dropshipper, then your pricing can never be competitive, and you won’t be able to sell and make any profits.

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