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Beware of fake reviews

Fake reviews by our competition are unwarranted and do a disservice to consumers who want to learn from other consumer’s real experiences.

For the past 2+ years a paid troll has stalked and harassed our company and resellers leaving over 100 fake reviews under numerous aliases all over the internet. All feature the same false allegations and misrepresentations. It appears that one of our competitors – rather than focusing on improving their dropshipping service and value – chose to pay a troll to post “reviews” on numerous internet platforms including Quora and Yahoo Answers.

Welcome to the brave new world of cyber-stalking and smear campaign as a marketing tool.Are we really taking that much business away from them? Is this really worth sacrificing your integrity for?


“At present i can not tell the best dropshipping company in India because i am still searching, but i can tell you Not to go with some company, i have some bad experience”

Why The Review Is Obviously Fake:

  • Vagueness — If someone is posting fake review their profile credential may lack detail. Legitimate complaints usually include a full description rather than fake statements like: “Entrepreneur at XYZ. (2015-present)”

fake review

  • Me, Me, Me — Deceptive reviewers often default to using more first-person pronouns like “I” and “me”. This is because our brains tend to draw from what we know (ourselves) when fabricating stories.


  • More Doing, Less Seeing — When asked to describe real events, people remember the things they saw and touched. Conversely, when we lie, we usually describe actions because they’re easier to make up.

Fake reviews by our competition Snazzyway

fake reviews by troll

Reviewer Saying “Number of product provided only 4000 only instead of 15000 committed on website .” 
Reviewer opted Basic Dropship account – With this plan we provide immediate access to 2500 hot selling product line(Not 4000 ). Find out more about our Basic Dropship Account Features here
Reviewer Saying “No support for How to list on any website(ebay, Amazon, not on a single one) .” 
At Snazzyway , we believe that an informed customer is a happy customer. The content of the learning center is spread across six sections, spanning the entire dropshipping business, checkout our learning center here

Fake reviews by troll

Reviewer Saying “No inventory update, they will simply provide excel sheet only ones .” 
Snazzyway specialize in providing up to date and accurate product information to all its members. We update our database of products on a regular basis so you are sure to get the most accurate inventory information every day. 

Height of Hypocrisy

fake review on quora

fake quora reviews